Create the optimal “customer experience”

The Motify Experiencemonitor®

The visible part of the ExperienceMonitor consists of input tablets which are placed at the checkout facing customers. The part that is not visible is the algorithm of the application. This intelligent algorithm continuously asks a series of three relevant questions regarding the “experience” within the organisation. The questions are published on the tablets in a dynamic way and presented to the shoppers.

Due to the intelligence and speed of the system, it hardly takes time to answer these questions and completing them is not perceived as ‘annoying’ by visitors.

ExperienceMonitor ®

Sell more products through better communication.

The Motify Upsell Promoter®

Besides optimising the “customer experience”, it is also important for your employees to function optimally. Not only in the improvement of customer experience, but also in the implementation of the commercial objective of the organisation.

In most cases, the staff is responsible for the main contact with the customer and hence necessary to increase the turnover. In practice, (unfortunately) this does not always work. Many shop employees work in a “robotic-like” way and do only what their job entails. For many, “selling” can even been considered a dirty word. The Upsell Promoter helps checkout staff to get rid of this misconception and encourages them to actively sell additional products by making them aware of sales targets.

Upsell Promoter ®

Fewer costs, more revenue and loyal customers.

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Stay constantly updated

Besides our monthly reports with clear conclusions and recommendations, you can also make real-time information visible on publication screens in your shop or offices. In this way, you stay informed of the relevant research results and make immediate adjustments where necessary.