Motify is a Dutch organisation where technology, experience and knowledge come together.

Motify specialises in providing insight into essential KPIs within physical, customer-oriented organisations. Using advanced measure equipment and the specialist knowledge of our intelligence partner Dynamic Concepts Concultancy, Motify measures, among other things, the brand identity, sales successes and the selected offer within the organisation. Naturally, we measure customer satisfaction, but we mainly look for the reason behind certain irregularities in the ‘experience’. The system makes it possible to delve into the questions and answers autonomously, leading to continuous new insights.

It sounds technical and it is.

In summary, thanks to intelligent questions and answering options, we ask the following underlying, general question:

Does the experience match the expectations of the (potential) customer?

In this way, the system asks in a dynamic and fast way whether the KPIs are actually conveyed to visitors.

In addition to the above specialisation, we also aim at ‘employee sales motivation’. Thanks to our ‘SalesPromotor’ we enable checkout staff to excel in (additional) sales performances without any training.

Motify has experience in the following industries:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Catering
  • Petrol
  • Service
  • Mobility

We’ll gladly arrange a demonstration for you. This can be done at our offices or at your location.