The true secret of the ExperienceMonitor is also invisible to the eye. It is the application program that, based on an action plan with an intelligent algorithm, selects questions, analyses answers and prepares a monthly advisory report, which is discussed each month with the management in an interpretation meeting.

If desired, real-time results can be projected on a screen, so that there is continuous insight into the current situation in the organisation.

The obtained data can be broken down per location, and within the organisation per tablet. For organisations with various locations, this data can be consolidated and analysed across locations in a particular city, region or group or even the entire country.

The ExperienceMonitor works completely autonomously, you don’t have to do anything yourself.

Specialisation through Collaboration

The intelligence behind Motify ExperienceMonitor® has been developed in collaboration with Dynamic Concepts Consultancy from Eindhoven.

DCC specialises in the implementation of research among target groups according to the NPS method and has built up a lot of experience.

DCC consultants are at the helm of Motify ExperienceMonitor® management.

Hereby, they are responsible for the research structure and implementation of relevant questions.

They also analyse the information obtained and advise on the basis of the continuous data input from your customers. In short, the solution offers insight into experience and stimulates extra. This helps, because you can involve yourself in with what you prefer to do;

Operating a successful organisation, but with information that helps you visibly, anytime and anywhere!


Motify’s solutions are permanently active from the start and will continue to do their work even under changing circumstances. The questions on the ExperienceMonitor are constantly adapting. This enables us to respond to the ever-changing experience criteria of clients, without you, as a retailer, having to deal with them in detail.

The SalesPromotor continues to prove its usefulness when it comes to employees who are primarily in contact with the customer. These are generally the checkout and service staff. You probably also have to deal with a constant flow of (supplementary) products or actions for which sales can and should be promoted.

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