The Upsell Promoter® enables checkout staff to become aware of their contribution to obtain more profits and encourages them to offer more service-oriented and customer-friendly products. This increases revenue and the service level of your organisation improves.

How does it work?
The Upsell Promoter is located next to the cash register and facing the employee. Here the 10-inch monitor shows a number of (supplementary) products or promotions, which should be actively advised and sold at that moment.

If the employee sells a product depicted on the tablet, he or she will tap the product on the screen. The more often the employee sells a product, the faster the icons change from red to green. The employee will have achieved the target once all product-icons are green.

Cases have demonstrated that, thanks to the Upsell Promoter, the employee is informed of the sales targets and, as a result, sells more customer-friendly and in a more varied way. So, this leads to higher revenue and satisfied customers! Win-Win!

The products displayed can vary dynamically based on sector, territory or country, or even directed by stock or time of the day.

All actions entered by employees are recorded in a central database. This data can then be made visible in a real-time overview per location or centralised. Results can be playfully displayed on screens within the organisation through ‘gamification’ and using our app on the smartphone. This form of communication contributes to the required competition element.

Thanks to the Upsell Promoter, the Employees are kept informed of the purpose of the organisation and will therefore develop a sense of responsibility for the revenue. All this without extra training but originates from insight into performances.

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