Motify is a software company, founded in 2016, that specialises in optimising sales results. On the one hand, by stimulating resale at checkout through the Motify Upsell Promoter©. On the other hand, by measuring guest and customer experience through the Motify Experience Monitor©. In the development, two things were prioritised; the products must be both fun and easy. For this, we were inspired by the gaming industry.

We now have offices in Woerden and Eindhoven, and are active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Motify stands for:


Service is paramount for us, which is why we work according to the SaaS principle (Software-as-a-Service). We think along with you and offer you support wherever necessary. Whether technical or strategic, you can always contact us.


Both Motify products have been designed in collaboration with future end users. As a result, everything is designed to work not only in theory, but also in practice. In combination with our own experience in market research, data processing and sales, we have been able to take our products to a higher level. And we continue to develop together with our end users.


A relatively small investment can get you started with our products. You then choose how long you want to use our systems, which hardware you’ll go for and how extensively your dashboards or reports will be displayed. There are several options for this, in line with everyone’s budget.

Interested in Motify?
Feel free to contact us via or +31(0)40 – 85 15 500.