Motify B.V. is a software company specialised in optimising turnover results. On the one hand by stimulating additional sales at the checkout through the Motify Upsell Promoter© and on the other hand by measuring guest and customer experiences through the Motify Experience Monitor©.

Motify stands for:


We think along with you and are your remote friend.”

Choosing Motify means choosing a service. We are a remote friend who thinks along with you and helps to answer all your questions. Whether these are technical questions about using the application or asking for assistance in interpreting the results. Our product managers are there to support you and proactively advise you when they notice particularities in the results. The application is designed to run autonomously, without the intervention of Motify. However, this does not mean that we are not there to advise and help. We feel it is important that our clients feel appreciated and heard.

Motify Upsell Promoter©
We combine the useful with the pleasant.”

At Motify we specialise in providing insight into important KPIs within physical and customer-focused organisations. The Upsell Promoter enables cashiers to excel in (additional) sales performance without the need for training. How? Through a combination of awareness, communicating clear goals and adding a game-like element. In this way, we combine the useful with the pleasant; employees see how great their value is within the company and can compete with their colleagues. Through our years of experience we can ensure that this leads to a higher turnover.

Motify Experience Monitor©
We not only ask the right questions, but we also give relevant answers.”

At Motify we specialise in experience. We have years of experience with market research in a variety of industries. Therefore, we know what questions to ask in order to get the answers that are really useful for you as a client. The Motify Experience Monitor© not only shows how an attraction, location, product or event is scored, but also provides insight into the reason behind this score. In addition, the application offers the opportunity to get to know your customer or guest even better by, for example, asking about visiting behaviour, sociodemographic characteristics or communication channels. In this way, Motify ensures the depth of the results.

No surprises, but value for money.”

Motify works with an all-in price. The indicated price includes all the functions available in Motify. In addition, you get automatic access to all new updates that Motify makes to develop the product. There are no hidden functions that only become visible when you pay for them, but you directly get the complete package. The combination of our full-service mentality, knowledge and associated costs ensures an excellent price-quality ratio. If you still have additional requests, we are always here to help.

Interested in Motify?
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