Satisfied customers come back more often, spend more money and activate others to pay a visit on top of that. That sounds like music to your ears, doesn’t it?

But who are these customers, what are your strengths and what can you possibly work on to improve their experience? Do you meet expectations and what does the visitor profile look like? All questions that can help you to optimise your location. And who knows the answers to this better than your customers themselves? The Experience Monitor offers the solution to answering these questions.

How does it work?

The Motify Experience Monitor is an unmanned on-site survey column that continuously collects the most honest and pure responses from your customers. Not a random indication once a year, but all year round. Adjustments are quickly visible and you can quickly adjust where necessary. Clear questions, personal input and opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge. Get to know everything, okay almost everything, about your customers. And make sure they look back on their last visit with an even more positive feeling every time. Sounds great, right?

What are the benefits of the Motify Experience Monitor©?

  • More response than traditional research methods
  • Anonymous on-site investigation, ensuring pure and honest responses
  • Continuous presence, so no random indications