Slowly we go back to normal life; more and more measures are disappearing. However, most businesses have been closed for some time or have experienced capacity constraints, causing a drop in revenue. They are thinking about how to recover from this decline in turnover. Our view on that is simple; increase the transaction value per customer by making relevant additional sales offers.

We are convinced that with the Motify Upsell Promoter© we offer a very strong instrument to achieve this. We would like to explain how we do this:

The Motify Upsell Promoter© is a unique hard- and software combination that aims to help cashiers to offer the most relevant additional sales products to customers or guests. This greatly increases the chance of an actual transaction and at the same time increases customer satisfaction.

How does it work?
The Motify Upsell Promoter© is next to the check-out counter and is facing the employee. The tablets show a selection of products suitable for additional sales, each product with a target. The employee indicates on the tablet when additional sales of a certain product have taken place. When the target has been reached, the border around the product turns green.

Thereforen, employees are constantly aware of the possibility of additional sales and know what is expected of them.

We can take care of the selection of additional sales products and their corresponding sales objectives in 3 different ways:

  • Manually: the (shop) manager in charge makes a selection of products, from the Motify library, which can be offered as additional sale at each location, and indicates a numerical target himself;
  • Data Driven: the history of the cash register data is loaded into the Motify systems so that the products, including their underlying goals, appear automatically;
  • Machine Learning: Motify is linked to the relevant cash register system. Based on the current cash register data, Motify suggests a number of products per transaction that fit the transaction in question.

Each employee or team has his or her own account, which allows for the tracking of his or her individual or team performances. Employees can also view each other’s performance via the tablet, creating a form of competition.

Existing cases have shown that thanks to the Motify Upsell Promoter©:
More relevant offers can be made to customers and guests, increasing the customer experience and therefore customer loyalty;
A higher turnover per time unit is made, which makes employees even more valuable to the organisation;
You are better informed about the sales targets, which means you can add more content to the work;
You are able to bring more variation into daily activities and as a result experience more job satisfaction